Brian Szepatowski has several decades of sound and recording engineering experience in the music industry. During that time he has accomplished live and studio recordings. Two live albums from The Joey Thomas Big Band were submitted to the Grammy Awards. To further his career, in 2011 Circuitry Films, LLC business partner Rachel Krupsky introduced Brian to the independent Film / TV / Web world. As a result, he has adapted his live sound work to the needs of production audio and post production work.

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Brian’s Film / TV / Web accomplishments include local independent shorts, films, and web series. For instance the popular web series Super Knocked Up and the tv show The Adventures of Snow White & Rose Red are streaming on Amazon Prime video service. In addition to the indie film work, Brian has worked on cable TV shows. Such as I Killed My BFF (Sound Mixer, S1Ep.8) on the Bio Channel. The Hallmark Channel’s Hero Dog Awards (2013) (Sound Mixer). As well as several segments of Travel Channel’s popular Mysteries of the Museum (Sound Mixer). Szepatowski Szepatowski Szepatowski Szepatowski