I am a Production Sound Mixer based in Albany, NY. As the only audio person on most sets, I have many duties. The most important is recording great audio. Which includes dialogue, sound effects, wild lines, live music, and room tone. My other duties include; wiring talent and logging meta data. As well as, sending a reference audio mix to camera and setting up camera / audio recorder time-code sync.

Film / TV / Web shoots all have different sound requirements and challenges. From narrative to run & gun styles, means finding creative ways to deal with the sound issues. Therefore, I work closely with the camera and lighting crews to find solutions. In short, with my experience and technical knowledge I make solutions stress free.

While working in audio post, I learned what the software tools can accomplish with cleaning up the audio. For instance, that knowledge helps in knowing what audio can and can’t be cleaned. Which leads to saving time on set and in post.

Production Sound Mixer

www.imdb.com/Brian Szepatowski
www.staffmeup.com/Brian Szepatowski
www.productionhub.com/Brian Szepatowski

Production Types

Film / Television




Location Recording Equipment

  • Multi-track Field Recorders
  • Wireless Lavalier / Talent Mics
  • Boom Kit w/ Interior & Exterior Mics, Wind Protection, etc
  • Time-code & Genlock Sync Boxes w/ RF Master Clock

  • IFB / Comteks for Client, Producers, & Directors
  • Wireless Camera Hops
  • Audio Playback System
  • Condenser / Dynamic Mics
  • Studio Microphones