Live Sound

1992 saw the start of Circuitry Sound. At that time we were a one band sound company in support of the 17 piece big band – The Joey Thomas Big Band. During this time, Circuitry Sound recorded , mixed and produced several albums for The Joey Thomas Big Band. Also, we mixed weekly live radio shows from The Crooked Lake House and WAMC Radio in the mid-late 1990’s. In the early 2000’s we branched out to support live sound events for all types of bands. Now, many years later we have refined our skills to provide top notch sound reproduction for small to medium sized events.

After branching out to support other bands, Circuitry Sound expanded again in the mid 2000’s. This expansion came when Northeast booking agents starting hiring us. At this point we now provide show support for small to medium size tribute shows. As a result, Circuitry Sound specializes in these types of shows. We also interface directly with the client as many times the booking agents are not on location. Which makes Circuitry Sound a refined and professional company to do business with.

Owner and FOH sound engineer

Live Recording

With the advent of digital technology there is no longer the need to bring racks and racks of outboard recording gear. As a result, all recording is now done inside the digital console using inexpensive SD cards. So, if Circuitry Sound is doing your live sound, we can also provide 32-track digital recording.

Now that high track count recording is very portable, Circuitry Sound can come to you. If you have a space you’d like to record in, no problem. We have the computer, the DAW and the expertise to make it happen. So, give us a call and let’s get recording. Be sure to check out our music editing / mixing services after we record your project.

Banner Photo by Mitchell Leach on Unsplash